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Testimonials Recycling Customer
Testimonials Recycling Customer

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We have been using your service for a few year now and are extremely happy with it. I just noticed that you issue Sustainable Recycling Certificates. Could you please supply us with one for the past year, we are trying to get out to the community all our recycling efforts. Thank you
Colleen W., MA 

You offer a great and much needed service. I can feel positive about each empty cartridge we collect knowing that it does not have to be trashed and that we are not adding to the environmental waste problem.
J.W-H.,  GA

Thank you so much for providing this much needed service!!
Deb B., PA

Pallets have been picked up. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter! Outstanding customer service!
Randall P., KY

I used this program in a past job. This is great and really helps to keep these cartridges going not into the land fill! Thank you!
Christy F., WY

Quite the cool service you provide. Gives me hope for the future!
Steve A., CA

Love your service! Keep your eye open for a box coming your way.
Carlie B., CO

Thank you for the pre-paid boxes, I am so happy to have somewhere to ship my large cartridges. It upsets me that we do not recycle enough. This is a wonderful service and I have let all the secretaries in our school district know of your website.
Sarene F., MS

I just wanted to say how much easier your service makes my job. The problem with other “pay” recycling services is that they only accept certain brands and certain model numbers for toner. I really do not need the extra stress of trying to figure out which is acceptable, I enjoy that I can simply pile it all into one box and be done with it. Plus, I support American job creation and help our beautiful planet stay a little cleaner. Thank You Ursula!
Willie A., MI

Thanks so much for having this free toner cartridge recycling program. It really means a lot to me and my future family that we take care of this Planet.
T. D., NE

Your web page is great, I am sending some CD/DVD for recycling, THANKS! I have toners (laser cartridges), it is hard to find a place to recycle them.
Daniela V., MN

Thanks for doing what you do!
Jeff, MD

Freerecycling.com, LLC is helping friends and neighbors in California and across the nation in the fight against cancer.
David V., CA

We wanted to thank you for doing this recycling fundraiser! We have been collecting ink cartridges for several month and feel great about being able to be a “greener” agency.
Carlie B., CO

Thank you so much Ursula. Our check arrived & I got to report it to the club this past Tues. night. They were as thrilled as I am. Funds to help others in our community. Many, many thanks for your assistance.
Judy C.

I just wanted to say that it is about time someone got it together and it is extremely impressive, honorable, and inspirational to see that such efforts can be enacted and at the same time have a beneficial effect on the bank account too (all important to our nation).
Jessica E.

Hello I am a new member of your program. I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how great i think your program is. What a great incentive to help make this world of ours a little brighter for tomorrow. I look forward to sending in my first batch of cartridges/cell phones and want to thank you once again for developing such an economical company. If there are any tips you have they would be greatly appreciated.
Blake H.

Excellent & enlightening website!! I feel recycling needs attention & your website does an incredible job doing this! Well done! ~ wishing you all the very best.

I think this is great will give info to schools about going green!! Thank you for doing what you do I am interested in joining you quest!!
Sandy P.

We have several families as well as small local businesses that have been saving their cartridges for us. I was so glad to find a company like yours that would not charge for shipping which would take away a large portion of any profits that we make. Thank you
Jackie D., IL

Thank you very much! Customer service is exceptional! Stay safe.
Twyla B., WA

I do not care about receiving money for my recycling I just care about recycling at my company that is tremendously harming the environment. I am going to send my ink cartridge to you guys, no need to pay me.
Lauren, US

You are very nice people, and I wish that I had more old cartridges to send to you.
Tom E., KY

Thank you for helping our non-profit organizations for the Deaf!! We use a lot of ink, as you can see! Your recycling service is excellent and much appreciated!
Valerie S., CA

nice site, always wondered if there was a way to recycle those things thanks

Thanks for a wonderful service. I’ll pass it on to others.
Linda, US

I browse through yahoo and went through your website. This is very good to reduce damages of our environment causes by the unused items. And also its good to recycle empty cartridges.
Mon Y., Papua New Guinea

I am so excited to have found your website. I am ready to make this explode. I would greatly appreciate your guidance to properly market the available recycling programs. We need more and more people to care enough or just a little to make changes to help the environment. If it takes paying them for the effort, let’s do it! Your website is extremely thought-provoking. Thank you.
Shelita L., CA

I think you need to be on the Oprah Show! Has anyone added that to her show idea list? For one, its fantastic for the environment and the donations to causes… and another great reason is that you empower women with this. The world needs to hear about you and she has 40 million viewers! It would be so great! Oprah is finally getting in tune with the environment now, so its just a natural fit! I want everyone to do this. You don’t have to reply to this… just passing it on as a great idea! You rock!! Hope someone can get going on this idea. It would be so huge!

We are very excited to start this recycling and fundraising program with you. Thank you very much for protecting our wonderful planet.
Kyle T., MO

Fantastic Cartridge Recycling website, well laid out and easy navigation.

Thank you for this great service.
Tracei S., CA

I have been a big recycler in my home for years. I am in great need of making extra money right now and I like the idea of being able to further help the environment at the same time.
Susan S., CA

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to recycle my ink cartridges. There is no need to send me a check, if any, give it to charity of your choice.
Linda L., TN

My parents told me you should never throw something away just because you have no use for it, someone else may have a use for it. I’m glad I listened.

Out of all the companies we have sent our ink cartridges to your organization is the best. Thanks.
Tyrone H., KY

Fascinating offer. They pay you for used ink cartridges from your printer.

I do appreciate your carrying me all this time. You have a great system and I wish you the best of luck. You deserve it.
Lillian C., MI

Good Service
Frank. J., MA

Thank you for the service your organization provides us. Out of all the recycling companies we have done business with your organization has provided the best customer service.
Tyrone H., T. Corp., KY

great program. beneficial to all that are involved. Loads fast and has great design. user friendly.

We are happy to have this opportunity to raise money for our scholarship. Thanks for providing this service.
Sandi L., UT

Great website. I am looking forward to recycling my inks. Thanks a lot.

Good site I liked your example on gorillas and cell phones. Thanks for doing your part in cleaning up this world… Once again I have to say great site!
Caleb, TX

Thank you so much for having this free recycling service available.
Each time I changed a cartridge in our printers I felt like bursting into tears that I was sending such a toxic and permanent piece of waste to a landfill close by.
Katy C., CA

Great job with ink cartridge recycling, This does help save Mother our earth. Keep up the Great work of this recycling program. God Bless.
Aron K., Malaysia

Thank you. Great website.
Theresa G., IL

Hello I think that you have a very good website and it is very entertaining and and well meaning. I appreciate the chance for the honor of competing for this thanksgiving treat.
Elbert McR., OK

Great recycling Ink cartridge website, nice layout and great content, all brands of ink for all brands of printers, Well done AAA++++

Thanks for your information and assistance. It is great to work with someone so reputable as your company. As I mentioned we have not had luck with any other company but yours.
Robin H., PA

very good site, easy to get around, will be back!

Thank-you for having such a wonderful program. I would love to participate in the cell phone recycling aspect.
Teresa W., CA

I love the website! I am sending an announcement to our 225+ staff members for any referrals they might have of other organizations that might be interested, along with a copy of the article that I acquired from your website, if you do not mind.
Pat L., VT

You are in a great niche business. Your enthusiasm for your mission is wonderful. Being in the environmental business and cleaning up landfills and dumps, I admire your efforts to do something to reduce the plastic!! I am going to tell everyone I know about your company. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
Jean B.K, PH.D., P.G., CA

Thank you so much for having this free recycling service available.
Each time I changed a cartridge in our printers I felt like bursting into tears that I was sending such a toxic and permanent piece of waste to a landfill close by.
Katy C., CA

I think your website is awesome. We plan to use your recycling program for a campaign to promote our services. My organization is a woman owned business as well and it thrills me to see other woman leading the way. Kudos to you, we will spread the word about freerecycling.com!!!
Janet M.

Ok, thank you. I wanted to say that I am very happy with this program. I still can’t believe that people throw their old ink cartridges out! I collect all I can from everyone I know. I love your program. thanks!
Scott. C., MI

Thank you very much for sending your check. All is well with the transaction, and I especially appreciate your speedy processing of this transaction.
Donald P. Ph.D., MS

I appreciate you signing me up. I am in the acting and stunt work fields. I know a large number of journalists in Fox and CNN here in Atlanta and in the radio stations circles here. I will forward your information to them. This is a wonderful service. I’ll be sending in my own empty hp type 56 and 57 cartridges shortly as well.
Cameron B., GA

Ok, this site is awesome. Two thumbs up! I have been looking for the perfect site to send my empty cartridges to or at least some place to get information about having them replenished. You have a nicely structured site with great links and other useful information. Good to see other women owned businesses involved with associations too! Keep up the GOOD work!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your program.
Sylvia P., CA

We live in a poor rural area and are looking for ways to get the community to help us without reaching in their wallets. Thank you for making this opportunity available to us.
Sherrie B., TX

Very friendly and informative, pack with useful information. Navigation is easy and clear

I just used your company to recycle my cartridges for the first time and I loved it. It was quick and easy.
Kiersten S., CA

Payment from referral sells……………
She was very happy with the prompt payment on her cartridges.
Steve R., GA

Have thrown out loads of these ink cartridges, now here is a firm that will recycle them and pay you as well. good for the wallet and the environment.

Art Diamond
Art Diamond

Visiting your website is a pleasant experience for me. Staring at two smiling faces – yours and Alwin’s – brings back those wonderful days in the early 1990s when we planned and produced R&R Europe 1993 (April 1-3, Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel, Germany).
My impressions were good when we first agreed to partner in that event, especially when it came to the money management end of it. Down through the years your honest and disciplined account principles have paid off among your vendors, your customers, and your bank! Your good credit was obvious to me back then when you insisted on scrupulously paying off our creditors with incoming funds before we ever paid ourselves. Although we went our separate ways after the event – you and Alwin growing a flourishing cartridge core business; I moving R&R Europe to Brussels and spinning off The Tiara Group, LLC – we have always kept our friendship intact. That is a whole lot more than I can say for many business associates that I have encountered over my 50 years in the imaging industry! Indeed, our friendship has blossomed with your move from Aachen, Germany to Laguna Niguel, California. We attended each other’s weddings and have kept up with each other’s business activities.
Here’s wishing you continued Success with freerecycling.com, although it’s clear to me that given your entrepreneurial skills and your compelling charisma, you guys will always be in the winner’s circle!
Your dear friend, Arthur S. Diamond, President

Just a note to let you know I received the free apparel, the additional one and your very kind card. I am very happy with your response, this things motivates to continue to working not only for apparel acquired, but for the thank you note sent in the package. This recognition let me know I am working in the good way. In the other hand I have to recognize and thank you for administer a great and excellent program.
Angel L., PR

On behalf of the Salvation Army of Beaumont, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for your donation. As you know the holidays are a time of need for many, but with the recent disasters such as hurricane Rita touching so many lives, we find that need is far greater then in recent years. Your gift is greatly appreciated and will assist in helping those in our community who need the extra support this holiday. God Bless.
Capt. Dan F., TX

I love what you are doing and am all for it.
Donald W.

You have an impressive web site which is easy to navigate and sample information is provided which greatly helps anyone who is investigating the possibility of recycling ink cartridges.
Clayton H., PA

What a great company!
Sarah J., The Olympian, WA

Good service
Frank J.

Good Content,,, Easy to navigate. Well designed, Good luck

I really love what you are doing. I need to do much more recycling in this country. Thank you.
Martha S., CA

We do not want any money! We are thankful to recycle, which we strongly believe is necessary for our future. Thank you.
Richard M., VA

Great website! I’ve recycled my cartridges in the past, but lost my contact, so I was pleased to find you. I’m also a concerned environmentalist and recycle yard waste and paper for my composters and worm bin. I appreciate your service very much!
Arlene S., CA

I am looking forward to working with your company, recycling is very important, and could be lucrative as well as rewarding.
Dennis M., TX

Your service has been great! Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of volume, but in reference to my last shipment to you: we received my check so quick we were very happy. Thanks for the great service and for helping to “save the earth”, a little at a time.
Diane H., TX

super…thanks a million. When I come across more, I will send them on. take care!
Wes and Meredith C., AZ

just wanted to let you know that I just registered my MOMS Club chapter. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!
Suni Z., MN

Just wanted to say thank you for providing this service. I will keep saving my empties.
Dragon, WA

Thank you. I appreciate the update and look forward to working with your company quite a bit in the future.
Stacy K., FL

This is a great idea.
Lidia L., NY

My son is thrilled with how well his recycling is going. Thank you
Becky H., IN

Excellent & enlightening website!! I feel recycling needs attention & your website does an incredible job doing this! Well done! ~ wishing you all the very best ~

good service, get paid for what you would normally toss out.

Thank you On behalf of the High Plains Division staff and volunteers of the American Cancer Society, I sincerely thank you for you continued contributions. We truly appreciate your most recent gift through Relay For Life.
American Cancer Society, TX

I want to thank you for providing your amazing service, and I appreciate the occasional email and mail I receive from your company. Thank you so much! Best of luck to you and your business.
Katy F., CA

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