Secure and safe free recycling program

Ever thought about risk of empty toner recycling?

risk assessment toner recycling

Somebody is coming into your office and location to pick up empty used printer cartridges? What are the risks involved and why do you not want to do this?

Think about it:
  • Do I have confidential information’s and proprietary material leaving around?
  • Do I need to worry about my inventory?
  • Is it worth to let people entering behind the “scene and office area” to pick up material?
  • Are they removing only what is empty?
  • Do I need to setup a property removal form method to pass the security check point?
What is your best option to manage the recycling process?
  • One time set up of a free recycling account.
  • All used printer consumables will be shipped and controlled at your fingertip and from your location with your employees.
  • You know exactly what has to go and will be free recycled from one of the most trusted names in the industry,
  • Our executives have 25 years’ experience in the printer cartridge collection and recycling industry with over + 20.000 customers nationwide.
  • We serve Military secured buildings, Government secured buildings, Fortune 500 and corporations as well as small businesses.
  • The service offers free unlimited UPS prepaid shipping labels for all 48 lower US states.
  • Free pallet pickup service for +3 pallets and more up to a truckload.

60 second video about free recycling service

Sign up for your free recycling account!


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