Recycling Logistic

Recycling and logistic easy to manage with web based software.

We support internal operations, warehouse management, fleet and dispatch, contacts, orders, shipments, and forms. The highly configurable recycler software administrative tools allow the recycler to utilize an evolving public library of common inventory management settings, or configure to add, edit, and manage a user-defined hierarchy of products, parts, and materials. Inventory settings include the ability to define family, category, product type, and models. Inventory settings include the options to track by quantity count, weight, or combination. Identify and track original source, internal status, and downstream. Track and manage workflow at every step in your operations with real time date / time by user and administrative settings to identify exceptions or delays in the process.

Improve internal productivity with real time visibility and accuracy. Automate common processes to empower your personnel. Connect and collaborate in real time electronic transactions and validate physical receipts, inventory, and shipments to avoid costly discrepancies. This small investment pays for itself in the first month, and then helps you track rising revenue with bigger profits.

  • Integrated CRM Features
  • Event Management
  • Order Entry
  • Dispatch and Route Optimization
  • Receiving Process
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Configurable Inventory Management System
  • Create and Manage Products
  • Create and Manage Parts
  • Create and Manage Materials
  • Data mapping
  • Outbound Orders / Shipping
  • Forms
  • Finance
  • Administrative Functions
  • Dashboards
  • Create New or Search customer contact records with Powerful
  • Filters and Accelerated Search Tools
  • Manage Company / Individual Customer / Type / Groups and Affiliations
  • Public (shared) and Private (confidential contacts)
  • Supports Multiple Addresses, Phones, Emails, etc
  • Accounting Information
  • Facility Information
  • Pickup & Delivery Special Requirements
  • Security Information
  • Electronic Diary
  • Payment History
  • Electronic File Cabinet / Store Documents by contact
  • Recent Order History
  • Notes
  • Finance
  • Administrative Functions
  • Dashboards
  • Event Management
  • Schedule Events, even over multiple days
  • Track itemized collected Items by Event and location
  • Dispatch Drivers or Vendors to pickup from collection event
Order Entry
  • Create and Manage Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, No Charge Orders
  • Supports combinations of Product, Parts, and / or Materials
  • Supports special Instructions or requirements
  • Build Orders over time, release and schedule when complete
  • Track history by client
Dispatch and Route Optimization
  • Geographic Views, Date, Time slot, and Location
  • Manage multiple overlapping regions, routes, and warehouses
  • Manage inbound and outbound orders
  • Optimize use of trucks, drivers, vendors, and local collectors by location and availability
  • Schedule pickup and drop off based client requirements, location, and optimized routes
  • Manual assignments, fully automated routes, or both
    Administrative Functions
  • Dashboards
Receiving Process
  • Queue based Workflow Management tracks timely and accurate activity performance
  • Expedited Arrival Queue – Fast receiving process confirms arrival of goods
  • Detailed Receiving Queue – validate contents by quantity or weight compared to original order
  • Confirmation Queue – identify and resolve receiving discrepancies in real time, without delay, before releasing to the financial transactions
  • Management Reporting
Create and Manage Products by
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Family
  • Product
  • Category
  • Description
  • Unit count (qty), Weight, or both
  • Applicable Government Reporting Requirements
  • Reimbursable or not
  • Ability to track serialized product
Warehouse Management System
  • Configurable Hierarchy for Inventory management and controls
Create and Manage Products by
  • Put Away Queue tracks from receipt to location
  • Real Time Inventory Queries with filters, search, and sort lists
    Process items direct from inventory
  • Track items by individual location or group, pallet, Gaylord, Bin, or Box
  • Manage Movements by individual items, groups, unit, or weight
    Manage Adjustments
  • Add to Inventory / Adjust Inventory
  • Track all movements and changes by user, date, time, and transaction history
  • Track inventory by Age, weight, count, location, and original source
Create and Manage Parts by
  • Category
  • Description
  • Applicable Government Reporting Requirements
  • Reimbursable or not
  • Unit count (qty), Weight, or both
  • Hazardous material identification
Create and Manage Materials by
  • Category
  • Description
  • Applicable Government Reporting Requirements
  • Hazardous material identification
  • Weight
Data mapping
  • A data mapping utility enables individualized configuration and mapping to master data set for transactions with partners
  • Manage Transfers, Transactions, orders, and inventory electronically between Material Handlers, Collectors, and Recyclers in seamless integrated transactions
Outbound Orders / Shipping
  • Shipping Orders for outbound Sales or Purchase Orders
  • Location Specific Order and Pick Lists
  • Packing Queue
  • Labeling Queue with forms and documents
  • Shipping Queue supports export, transport, customs, pickup, and delivery
  • BOL
  • Packing Slips
  • Exhibit Labels
  • Pallet, Gaylord, Bin, or Box Group Labels with bar code and date
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Export Control / Customs Documents
  • Invoices / Customer Receipts
  • Collection Logs
  • Transfer Summary and Transfer Details
  • Source Anonymous
  • Government Forms by Location
  • Cancellation of CRT Form
  • Non-CRT Forms
  • Bar code labels
  • Location labels
  • Ad Hoc Reporting On-Demand with Filters / sort / drop-down controls
  • AR/AP – lookup
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Credit Hold, Cancellations, and Credit Limits
  • Adjustments
  • Export to QuickBooks®
  • Export to Tally®
  • Export to Microsoft Dynamics®
Administrative Functions
  • Create and Manage User Roles, Rights, and Restrictions
  • Create and Manage Region, Warehouse, and Locations
  • Create and Manage Company Profile, Logo on forms, Address, and contacts
  • Create and Manage custom Product, Parts, and Materials
  • Cancellation of CRT Form
  • Non-CRT Forms
  • Bar code labels
  • Location labels
  • Ad Hoc Reporting On-Demand with Filters / sort / drop-down controls
  • Real Time Productivity Dashboard – All activity At-A-Glance with one-click drill-down to see details on current, aging, and delinquent activities
  • Inbound Order Status
  • Event Status
  • Dispatch Status
  • Receiving Status
  • Outbound Order Status
  • Shipping Order Status
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory Aging
  • AR Tracking
  • AP Tracking
  • Status Management Console (configure your own parameters)

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