Recycling Service for Hospitals

Recycling Service for Hospitals

Take advantage of our Hospital free printer cartridge and small electronic recycling service. You can order for all your locations as many free prepaid UPS shipping labels as you like. We recycle all your printer cartridges, cell phones, mp3 player and digital cameras. Reduce your Carbon Footprint with our free Recycling System for Hospitals. Sustainable Recycling Solutions – We run a ZERO LANDFILL Recycling Program.

Toner Recycling

Please set up your free recycling account and order your free prepaid recycling shipping boxes. You can set up this account for as many locations you like and we can send you as many free prepaid recycling boxes you need. We delivery it right into your office. Easy to control your flow of products. End of the year we issue a Sustainable Recycling Certificate.

Free UPS shipping Recycling labels

Prepaid UPS Shipping Label

Get it via email right away. You need about 8 – 15 large toner printer cartridges or a minimum of 20 lbs. Please use your own boxes with our pre-paid UPS shipping labels whenever possible in an effort to reduce waste and further help the environment. Free annual Sustainable Recycling Certificate for continues participating customers “Sustainable Recycling Certificate”.

Free pallet pick up

Shipment must be palletized and wrapped with a minimum of 200 OEM toner or measuring a maximum of 84 inches high (7 feet tall) for each pallet. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation with the bill of lading for your pick-up. Pick up within 2 -3 business days following confirmation.

Saving the Environment – Sustainable Recycling