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Toner Recycling, Sustainable Recycling Solutions
Toner Recycling
Toner Recycling

Green Solution for Fortune 500 – Government Agencies – Small Businesses. Free recycling for all your large Toner Printer Cartridges. Our company is specialized since 25 years in Recycling and Asset Recovery. We have developed a FREE and simple process to help you take advantage of our recycling program with no cost to you, we’ll pay for shipping. Our recycling program provides a convenient, effective and proactive solution of waste reduction, Help keep used printer cartridges out of landfills by taking advantage of this free recycling program.

What do we do for Office Recycling Service?
Free Toner Pallet Pick Up
Free Toner Pallet Pick Up
Prepaid UPS Shipping Label
Prepaid UPS Shipping Label
  • Free Recycling for all your Laser Printer Cartridges
  • Free Recycling for all your Ink Printer Cartridges
  • Free prepaid UPS shipping label
  • Free Pallet pick up Service (3 pallets or +300 cartridges)
  • Free Truckload pick up Service for high volume customers
  • Free annual “Sustainable Recycling Certificate” – Go Green!

To sign up for our free Toner and Printer Cartridge Recycling Service just click here: Cartridge Recycling Service

How to make a difference in your Office today?, LLC is assisting you with a guide to companies and individuals to reduce their carbon output.
We all have to understand to use responsible resources and understand that even small changes to their daily routine can have a large impact on the environment and huge consequences of their activities. We are promoting the concept of the 3R ● Reduce ● Reuse ● Recycle

In your daily routine you can follow this recommendations:
  • Choose Energy efficient devices
  • Use products with high recycled material content
  • Turn down the air condition
  • Turn down the heat
  • Managing timers for heating and air condition control
  • Turn off air condition and heater in unused rooms
  • Turn light in unused rooms
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Reduce vehicle use, as often use public transportation
  • Stop wasting water, report leaks & drips
  • Used temperature delta of not more than 5 degrees
  • Control your paper use on printers
  • Use 2 sided printing when ever possible
  • Take advantage of free toner and printer cartridge recycling services
  • Use scrap paper for internal communication
  • Recycle and motivate your colleagues
  • Consider impact of your purchases
  • Do not dump unwanted office furniture, donate it
What can we do for you in Asset Recovery?
Cash for original HP
Cash for original HP

We buy all your unused and unwanted Printer Cartridges, minimum is 50 large toner printer cartridges.
As an industry specialist for toner and inkjet cartridges, we are now paying for your consumables that have lost their usefulness. Turn your lost investment and overstock into cash, quickly and easily as we buy Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Dell, Xerox, Sharp and Canon. We pay for unwanted, overstocked, expired and obsolete printer and copier supplies.

HP Toner Printer Cartridges
HP Toner Printer Cartridges

Please offer only original OEM printer and copier supplies, no after marked or non branded products. All cartridges need to be in their original box, unopened and box have to be in good condition.

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