Where are my shipments going?

  • Ink Cartridges and Cell Phones are going to our Ink and Cell phone Processing Center with UPS Ground Service
  • CD recycling is going to our Plastic Processing Recycling Center in CA
  • Toner Cartridges are going to our Toner Cartridge Processing Center with free prepaid UPS shipping label

Can I send in mixed shipments with ink jet cartridges, cell phones and toner cartridges?

  • Yes

Compatible cartridges

  • we do not accept compatible or aftermarket cartridges

Shipping and packaging cartridges

  • Do not use any self adhesive tape on the print heads
  • No paper shredder material to fill the shipping box
  • No need to wrap each empty ink cartridge in paper, just use some news paper layer in between to prevent shifting of the cartridge during shipping

Minimum shipment?

  • 20 lbs is the minimum shipment or 15-20 toner cartridges

How do I pack the cartridges inside the box?

  • Best is in the original box, or you can use a piece of newspaper to protect cartridges from damages. If the cartridges are too tight we will have a lot of broken cartridges!
  • Never put the cartridges in bulk into the shipping box!

Can any one participate on this free recycling program?

  • Yes, keep collecting used ink jet cartridges, toner and cell phones and mail them in.

How many cartridges can I send in?

  • As many you can get to recycle ink cartridges.

What type of cartridges do you accept with this free recycling program?

  • We accept only OEM or original printer cartridges

Do you accept never used or expired original ink cartridges?

  • Yes, they will be accepted them all.

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