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May 3–6 2010 – Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA Presenter Alwin Morgenstern, COO freerecycling.com, LLC. About Alwin Morgenstern

Empty Toner
Empty Toner

Old Ideas and New Frontiers in Recycling Presentation as PDF file.

Alwin Morgenstern

About: Alwin Morgenstern


Alwin Morgenstern is a 25 year expert in the Recycling Industry, currently serving as Chief Operating Office of freerecycling.com, a recycling and engineering company he co-founded in June 2003. freerecycling.com specializes in printer cartridge, plastic, and cell phone recycling and pioneered nationwide recycling logistic networks and is currently serving over 20,000 customers nationwide.

Morgenstern was responsible for the development and execution of trade show management for the First European Cartridge Recycling Show R&R Europe (April 1993), Frankfurt Germany.

Prior to forming freerecycling.com Morgenstern developed, set up and ran the first European toner printer cartridge collection system in Germany with over 8,000 participating companies.

Morgenstern has traveled to 37 countries and is known internationally as an expert in recycling and collection systems, especially for printer consumables and cell phones. Beside his passion for recycling and recovery of raw material Morgenstern excels at taking highly challenging projects (with complete IT integration requirements) from “scratch” to “up-and-running” in short order.
Morgenstern received a Master of Science degree in Engineering and Organization from the Aachen University (Aachen, Germany).
Morgenstern can be reached:


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