How can I protect myself against dubious offers?

If an offer sounds ‘too good to be true’, it probably is. To avoid falling victim to dubious offers, you should only buy from HP’s authorized sales channels. Through the HP Smart Partner Locator on the HP website, you can find a list of HP’s Supplies Partners for your country.

How can I report fake products?

Click here to report any questionable activities related to counterfeit cartridges: report counterfeit.

HP will keep the information confidential to the extent permitted by law and will only share it on a need to know basis. HP does not provide warranty support or product replacement for counterfeit cartridges.

Which original HP products carry a security label?

All original monochrome HP LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet print cartridge boxes carry an HP security label in every country in the world, but not every inkjet print cartridge carries a security label. In fact, in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region, most original HP inkjet print cartridge boxes in Western Europe do not feature an HP security label, while in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, most HP inkjet boxes do have the label. For details of when to expect a label on HP inkjet print cartridge boxes sold in this region, please refer to the ‘Check your Purchases (PDF 1.9 MB)’ Info Sheet that is available for download.

What are the risks or possible consequences of using a counterfeit print cartridge?

End-users may experience the following problems if they use counterfeit print cartridges in their HP printers:

  • Counterfeit products frequently leak or do not work properly.
  • Customers may experience sub-standard print quality and reduced page yields (number of pages printed) due to inferior components.
  • Counterfeit products are unlikely to save money in the long-term, as they are more likely to fail.
  • Counterfeit products can ruin a printer and may invalidate its warranty.
  • Counterfeit products can waste paper through poor print quality.
    Counterfeit products can contain harmful ingredients that result from practices damaging to the environment.

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