Recycling Acount Application Free Labels

Prepaid UPS Shipping Label
Prepaid UPS Shipping Label

Free UPS shipping labels. Get it via email right away. You need about 8 – 15 large toner printer cartridges or a minimum of 20 lbs. Please use your own boxes with our pre-paid UPS shipping labels whenever possible in an effort to reduce waste and further help the environment.

60 second video about free recycling service

10 thoughts on “Recycling Acount Application Free Labels”

  1. hi my name is Ruvini Warnakulasuriya fron manor care fountain valley. we are trying to find a place to recycle our toner cartilages. please get back to me with more information on how I can proceed.

  2. Your service is great – we are a government agency and can “sell’ our empty cartridges. Glad you can take them off our hands!

  3. Thank you for offering an excellent solution to our problem and for recycling these products.

  4. Recycling is the best way to keep our planet clean…Thank you for making it easy to participate!

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