Environmental Policy Statement

freerecycling.com, LLC is committed to the environment and recycling through its collection of empty laser, and inkjet cartridges and the recycling of cell phones and other used products.

freerecycling.com, LLC will manage the recycling or reusing of inkjets, toner cartridges, cell phones and their components and the redirection of all other used products in a responsible manner that minimizes potential environmental and health impacts and fully considers the following: legal requirements and governmental policies, customer expectations and concerns, short and long-term benefits, and viable material and process alternatives.

This policy is enacted by freerecycling.com, LLC as part of the process to inform businesses of the facts surrounding the environmental benefits of recycling or reusing waste products in a most efficient basis.

freerecycling.com, LLC puts it commitment to its environment policy daily in action by the following processes:

  • Collection of laser and ink cartridges for refilling which results in reusing resources
  • In the case that the cartridge is unusable or the market is prohibitive to reuse, we attempt to recycle
  • In the case that a cartridge cannot be recycled, it is disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances
  • freerecycling.com recycles all cardboard that comes into the facility
  • All cell phones no matter the condition are sold to re-furbisher for reuse, re manufactured, or recycled
  • All batteries are sent to an accredited recycler
    All metal, chargers, and cords are sent to a recycler for reclaim

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