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Toner Cartridge Recycling Application - Free nationwide recycling service - Fortune 500 - Government - Small Businesses. The Challenge of Toner Recycling, LLC is leading the way in sustainable recycling solutions for large toner printer cartridges, small ink jet cartridges and cell phones. Serving over
20,000 Customers! Reduce your Carbon Footprint with our free recycling service. Property Manager, Property Management Companies and leading office supply companies are using to offer our free service to their customers.
Free annual Sustainable Recycling Certificate for continues participating customers "Sustainable Recycling Certificate"


Green Office Solution - Sustainable Free Recycling. National free Toner Recycling Program! ZERO LANDFILL Recycling! freerecycling, recycle free, free recyclingToner Cartridge Recycling, free Inkjet Recycling, free Cell Phone Recycling Program for all 48 lower US states - Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling - Printer Cartridge Recycling Solutions for HEWLETT PACKARD, HP, LEXMARK, DELL, SHARP, Canon, XEROX, brother, IBM, Panasonic, Samsung and other OEM.
To qualify for our free toner cartridge recycling service, we accept only original products from HP, Lexmark, Dell, Sharp, Canon, Xerox and brother (or a maximum of 20% after market cartridges made in America only, sorry no compatible consumables are accepted!)

HEWLETT PACKARD Toner Cartridge Recycling

LEXMARK Toner Cartridge Recycling

DELL Toner Cartridge Recycling

Sharp Toner Cartridge Recycling

Canon Toner Cartridge Recycling

XEROX Toner Cartridge Recycling

brother Toner Cartridge Recycling


Free UPS shipping labels

Free pallet pick up Free Recycling

Recycling Certificate

   Free prepaid UPS shipping label

Free UPS shipping labels. Get it via email right away. You need about 8 - 15 large toner cartridges or a minimum of 20 lbs. Please use your own boxes with our pre-paid  UPS shipping labels whenever possible in an effort to reduce waste and further help the environment.

Free pallet pick and Toner RecyclingFree pallet pick-up for large quantities. Shipment must be palletized and wrapped with a minimum of 200 OEM toner or measuring a maximum of 84 inches high (7 feet tall) for each pallet. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation with the bill of lading for your pick-up. Pick up within 2 -3 business days following confirmation.

Toner RecyclingToner Cartridges
Cell Phone RecyclingCell Phones

Inkjet Recycling
InkJet Recycling

Free annual Sustainable Recycling Certificate for continues participating customers

You Go Green, free to our repeat customers only!


You Go Green, Free annual
"Sustainable Recycling Certificate"


We buy original printer consumables from HP - HEWLETT PACKARD - We are looking for large expired HP ink and toner lots

Cash for selected toner cartridges

HP Hewlett Packard - We buy Overstock Printer Cartridges



Overstock Printer Cartridges

We pay cash for your unused or expired original toner and ink cartridges. As an industry specialist in surplus toners and inkjet cartridges, we are now paying for your consumables that has lost their usefulness. Turn your surplus and overstock into cash quickly and easily. Please let us know what you have by completing the online form or email us what you have. We are looking always for HP ink jet printer and toner cartridges. Expired products are ok too. We need at least 12-15 items for each offer. No expiration date older than 3 years.


Toner Cartrigde RecyclingToner Cartridge Recycling, ZERO LANDFILL Policy!

Green Office Solution - Sustainable Free Recycling.


Free used Toner Cartridge Recycling - free pick up.

Go Green with your Office, and Company.

We are creating jobs in America - Made in America! Refer our free national recycling service for printer cartridges. Please forward this link to your friends and colleagues. Refer free Toner Recycling.

Go Green with your Office - Sustainable Free Recycling Solutions.Go Green with your OfficeRecycling and Environmental Engineering is our Business, specialized over 25 years. We have developed a FREE and simple process to help companies with their recycling program. No cost to you, we'll pay for shipping. Our recycling program provides a convenient, effective and proactive solution of waste reduction. Help to keep eWaste out of landfills.


Print our service brochure or forward to friends as pdf!

Use freerecycling service one time or without an account please take advantage of our Easy Recycling Service.


Hospital Recycling Service - Printer cartridge National Recycling System - Small Electronic Recycling Service

Free Hospitat Printer Cartridge Recycling Service

We have developed for Hospitals a free toner printer cartridge and small electronic recycling service. You can order for all your locations as many free prepaid UPS shipping labels. We recycle all your printer cartridges, cell phones, mp3 player and digital cameras. Reduce your Carbon Footprint with our free Recycling System for Hospitals. Sustainable Recycling Solutions - We run a ZERO LANDFILL Recycling Program

Please set up your free recycling account and order your free prepaid recycling shipping boxes. Hospital Recycling System


Property Management Free Recycling Service - Offer our free Sustainable Recycling Service to all of your Clients

If you are a property Management Company, offers a free sustainable recycling for all your customers and locations. With this free service you will add a valuable tool to your clients for free. With our freerecycling service you bring a Sustainable Recycling Solution and you help your clients to reduce their carbon footprint. You will bring real value to your clients, our World is changing fast and with it the needs of your Customer.

Our Service will reduce your clients Carbon Footprint with our free Recycling System for Property Management Companies. Find out what you can offer for your clients. Please go here for more details Special Offer for Property Management Companies



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